Valantina’s perseverance


Her perseverance in society

·        She distributed EL Itihad Newspaper throughout her childhood.

·        She participated in demonstrations on national occasions for years.

·        She volunteered in work camps for years.

·       She initiated students’ activities throughout her secondary school years and was very active throughout her high school years where she headed the students’ committee.

·       She recited poetry about resistance in many student and national occasions for years.

·        She performed on stages in Palestinian theatres.

·        She volunteered in presenting many theatrical workshops for children during the first Intifada in Ramallah and Jerusalem.

·        She later volunteered in many theatrical workshops.

·       She participated in many lectures, symposiums and demonstrations abroad where she defended the Palestinian cause and presented challenges facing Palestinians residing within the 1948 areas.

·       She marched in demonstrations giving her condolences to martyrs, and visited the wounded in hospitals

·        On April, 9, 2002 she was shot in her left arm by an Israeli soldier as she and a group of other fellow citizens from Nazareth, went to Jenin refugee camp in solidarity with their brothers during the Israeli incursion there.

·        That bullet that left her hand permanently disabled after moving form one hospital to another and undergoing six surgeries.


Her perseverance in writing

·    She wrote poetry on issues concerning her nation and human issues in general; they were published in many Palestinian newspapers.


Her perseverance in theatre

·       She committed herself to working exclusively with Palestinian theatres and bands, where she continuously performs prominent theatrical roles.

·       She conducted voluntary theatrical workshops for children during the first Intifida in Ramallah and Jerusalem.

·       She was vigorous in establishing the Palestinian Theatre League  in Jerusalem and is currently and active member in it.

·       She is continuously volunteering in conducting many theatrical workshops for children.

·       She embarked on defending, the rights, dignity and importance of the Palestinian theatre within the 1948 areas, rejecting the dominance of authority and its means. She did so through letters, critical speeches, demonstrations and statements she made to the mass media

·       She continuously participates in committed artistic activities that promote her main cause; the Palestinian cause within the country and abroad. For more information go to Theatre.


Her perseverance in Child Artist Project

·       She established the (Child Artist) Project; in Haifa which is currently suspended.

·       She volunteered her time to this project for five consecutive years.

·       She voluntarily presented numerous theatrical workshops to a large number of children, this inspired her to write many books that she later directed into theatrical work dedicated to children.

·        She coordinated and participated in many cultural exchange programs through this project. For more go to theatre-Child Artist Project.